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PIR and LR GOLD Mustard Oil

Extracted from high quality seeds ,
these oils are 100% pure and natural with no
additive colors and flavors


Manufactured in clean enviornment

Manufactured at clean plant
and tested at NAB accredited lab at Gulati
Oils makes our brands a healthier choice


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vision tangible

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What people have said


Kachi Ghaani Mustard Oils from the Kitty of Gulati Oils comes with Brand name PIR and LR Gold. Extracted from chosen Mustard Seeds, both brands assure purity and quality.



Oil is extracted with latest Cold Press technology at Gulati Oils so that rich aroma of Mustard can be retained. Before Extraction of oil seeds are first cleaned with Seed cleaners.



Oil Mill has Agmark approved Quality Lab so that consistent oil quality can be retained. Mustard oil during every production cycle is tested in our lab for consistent quality and purity.

Knowledge Zone

It’s official. Mustard oil is the best for your heart. A comparative study of different edible oils has shown that mustard oil as a cooking medium can reduce the risk of heart diseases by over 70%.
The study conducted by experts from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital compared fat content in different cooking oils, including olive oil, canola oil, mustard oil and sunflower oil, and its findings were reported in the February issue of the Journal of Preventive Cardiology. Know about the health secrets and benefits of cooking with Mustard Oil.

PIR and LR Gold are 100% natural and healthy cooking option for you than other edible oils.

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